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We create a secret space where cats can be jumping up and down inside and going through their home in and out freely that suits for cat’s personality. We sort out the problem that cat litters are often messy around all over the places. PaiPai turns cat’s toilet into modern furniture in high quality made in natural wood.

・A private cat toilet that keeps litters inside the kennel.

Water and scratch resistant. Easy to clean.

Holes on the side to circulate the air.

Storage space under and inside the kennel.

Keep dog from eating the scattering litter.

FC-CK03 / KD

FC-CK03 / KD

L75 x W56.5 xH70 cm

FC-CK04 / KD

FC-CK04 / KD

L127 x W56.5 xH70 cm

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