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We create a secret space where cats can jump up and down inside and go through in and out freely that are most suitable for cats' nature. We sort out the problem that cat litter is often messy all over the places. PaiPai turns cat’s toilet into a modern piece of furniture in high quality made of natural wood.

One Basin Style


L75 x W56.5 xH70 cm

Two Basins Style

L127 x W56.5 xH70 cm

Bien Bien Cat Tree

It's a cat tree and also a piece of furniture. A space your cats and you can share with each other.

The charms of Bien Bien Cat Tree:

1. Various ways to assemble. Flexible use of space.

2. Uniquely designed to add elegant atmosphere to your house.

3. Interesting and functional with accessories to build a cats’ castle.


L120 x W36 xH177 cm


Delux - L Shaped

L140-232 x W36 xH177 cm

Wooden Pet Bed

PaiPai designs comfortable wooden pet beds to provide your pets exclusive spaces for sleeping and dreaming.

The warmth of wood matches home deco of every kind.

・Made of good quality wood.

・Natural and skin-friendly to your pets.

・Make your pets sleep warm in winters and cool in summers.

・Easy to clean.

・Easy for your pets to climb up and down.

・Sturdy and durable.

M Size

L Size

L62.4 x W42.4 xH26 cm

L78.6 x W57.6 xH26 cm

Wooden Cat Cube

Wooden cases of four styles can be placed in various ways according to your request.

Can be stacked to build a configurable cat condo, cat tree or create an interesting tunnel to play.  

Also sturdy and stable to become stools for human.

Create a comfortable space for cat and owner enjoying together.

Type A

Type B

Type C

Type S

L36 x W36 xH36 cm

L36 x W36 xH36 cm

L36 x W36 xH36 cm

L36 x W36 xH36 cm

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